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Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons are available for teens and adults. Moreover, since some students demonstrate advanced skills quickly and some students need time to become more conformable with the vehicle, all driving lessons are customized to each individual student. For example: Teen students may have less fear but can be unaware of dangerous situations that may arise while on the road, where as an adult student may display too much fear and cause unnecessary dangerous situations on the road. Therefore, each lesson must be customized to each individual student to focus on their individual needs. Some students start in the parking lot and some are able to go on the freeway. It all depends on the student’s comfort and driving ability.



Express Driving Lessons

Our driving lessons are 2 hours each. Teens are limited to 1 lesson per day and adults are limited to 4 lessons per day. All appointments can be booked online at the time of purchase. 6 hours is not enough to become an expert drive. Therefore we recommend that driving lessons are completed as close together as possible, so that the student has a better chance at retaining the information and becoming more familiar with driving while there is a professional instructor in the vehicle that has dual control.



Online Drivers Education

30 hours of drivers education is required for all minors who want to obtain a provisional drivers license. Our 30 hour driver’s education Course is a California DMV approved course that is simple and can be completed at your own pace. Completion certificates are mailed within 24 hours of completion. The certificate is required to take the DMV written exam.